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Replacing old windows is one of the most rewarding home improvements.

Window replacement enhances both the comfort and value of your home

  • Help control heating and cooling cost with Energy Star rated windows.
  • Stop cold air infiltration and drafts from poorly insulated windows and jambs.
  • Reduce moisture condensation with our unique "warm edge" technology.
  • Our high performance insulated glass stops 95% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Put an end to the maintenance of scraping, staining and painting your windows.
  • Increase your home's security with windows that close easily and lock tightly.
  • Brighten up your home, add style and increase its value with new windows.

Gerkin Windows

Gerkin windows are manufactured in the Midwest to withstand Minnesota's harsh winters and sweltering summers. They are one of the best weather-stripped windows ever manufactured and are constructed with either heavy-duty welded vinyl frames for residential installations or aluminum frames for commercial installations.

Gerkins mission is: To design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality, most value priced window and door products available. In short, they offer you the most for your money!

Specialty Shapes

One of the best ways to add flare to any project is to add special shapes. We offer numerous options in shapes that can be customized and combined with other standard windows or shapes to create a stunning appearance. Along with special shapes, we also have the ability to custom design and build internal grills, which will offer the perfect look and character desired. With so many options available, why not get exactly what you want to express your personality?

Click here to see Speciality Shape styles.

Pacific Accent Glass Block Windows

Never before has it been possible to have the beauty and quality of REAL glass block with the flexibilty to match and coordinate with virtually any design style, color theme or other windows used in a project.

Pacific Accent Glass Block Windows are pre-assembled in a full range of standard and custom sizes, with a wide array of frame and muntin options that can easily be customized to fit any design requirement.

Click here to see Glass Block Windows.

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